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tyler, the creator – odd toddlers [v1] – single lyrics


[instrumental intro]

h+llo, the hype is so mellow
i’m dope and my pipe is so yellow
with blue polka dots, pink stripes, and it’s pink on the title
n+gga, f+ck your role model, b+tch, i’m my own idol, and
if you can’t face it, n+gga, you can ass it
my accessorized accessories bring out my assets
n+gga, this sound on acid tablets
stussy’s g+shock with my own pair of 3d glasses
yeah i got adhd
i should win a f+cking award for being me
beat bang with the tom+toms
my produce selection is fresh, n+gga, f+ck vons
ace the underdog, throw ’em on the back bender
’cause i change my outfit more than transs+xuals change gеnder
eating belgian waffles with italian biscotts
i sold my soul to thе devil for thirty percent off
and to them emo kids who walk around p+ssed off
step one: pull your panties down and start to p+ss off
step two: run to your radio, turn this sh+t off
n+gga didn’t bother, so my father didn’t help
so when my momma would beat my ass, she would always hit me with gucci belts
gucci imprint from leather welts, sh+t
see tyler, the creator live
get tickets as low as $187
[instrumental outro]

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