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void of vision – dissipate lyrics


lets talk about regret
and let’s discuss what our lives meant
when we had no p-ssion
when we were without desire

someone reset these clocks
because i can’t sure as hell can’t do it all myself
i’ve lost count of the times that i have lost my mind (so many times)
so many times i have wished away this life
for better purpose, to gain reason, as to why i’m here

i’m seeking solace in my thoughts
there must be something in all these remnants
of my collapsed archives
these shattered memories, are all that’s left

there is no escape
from this hollowed feeling
we comprehend everything
as soon as it’s gone

with a drop of common decency
and self complacency
we can rebuild and re-create
against the laws of the disconnect

there is no escape
from this hollowed feeling
there is no escape
our minds have been displaced

there’s nothing left (nothing remains)
there’s nothing left (nothing here)
nothing left, in our shallow minds