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vonoff1700 – who that* lyrics


lyrics from snippet

[verse: vonoff1700 & dthang]
…for show, got clapped up, we put his ass on tv (you know that)
for the n+ggas that laugh at my glasses, when i’m chasin’ you down, n+gga, i hope you could see (grrah, grrah, boom)
ayo, von, let’s slide on the opps, i’m in a trackhawk right now comin’ to get you (i’m comin’ to get you)
alright, bet, my heart, i just got us two new guns that’s louder than missiles (grrah, grrah, boom)
like, and i got a smooch in the back of my car tryna make an opp show his location (like, like, smoochie)
uh, put on your masks and gloves and turn off your phone and we in rotation (we slidin’)
like, now we on they block (we spinnin’)
we spinnin’ again (get that n+gga)
ain’t n0body outside (where they at?)
we gon’ park up and land (grrah, grrah)
we was posted for hours, they dumb ass ain’t never come out, had to ask her, “was this the right lo’?” (like what?)
like, ayo, von, think we spoke too soon, who that? see a n+gga comin’ out the door (get that n+gga)
i think that he gettin’ his food, it’s a doordash witness, we k!llin’ him too
(like what?)
like, and he got an order for two, when we run in this crib, we gon’ tie up his boo (h—)
now we ready to bounce out the v and we come from behind, so he won’t even see
like, i already got one in the head, i ain’t c+ckin’ it back (on bro)…

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