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wizkurri – inquiry skills ft. ( the habibi, james shmurda, & ogchri$ lyrics


[intro: wizkurri, james, the habibi, & ogchri$]
cl-ss take out brave new world
shit i left my book at home
may i go get my book from my locker
h-ll no

hold up…………
this a story about one fat b-tch her name is mrs.griffin man here we go

[verse 1: wizkurri]
godiva chocolates every f-cking day she trying get diabetes so she don’t have to play
hospitalized for years but she still comes back , crawling for more cuz she got shit up her -ss
she teaches and teaches man this b-tch won’t stop huh erectyle dysfunction is that what it’s called ..
viagra at night and pills on the dot that’s a life i ain’t tryna live but mrs. griffin won’t stop………..
she a wh-r- she a wh-r-
we already know ya she a wh-r-

[verse 2: wizkurri & james shmurda]
a fat old wh-r- is what many call her she be sippin antibiotics in her rusty pajamas
the professor of is a cl-ss that doesn’t exist but drops the gpa like h-lla quick…
she mocks me once in front of the cl-ss but that b-tch still got diarrhea in up her -ss
flippity flop that’s what’s it called when that b-tch makes the reese’s drop
she be walking through ikea with no idea searching for a d-ld- to make her squirty
nah squirtle she playing pokemon go with her boyfriend joe f-cking till they kick it down lowwww
cuz he a wh-r-
ya she a wh-r-
you already know

[verse 3: wizkurri]
you wanted round two now i’m shooting blanks
i don’t wanna go down cuz that pussy stank
pointing at a new b-tch like d-mn she h-lla thick
her name is mrs.griffin well she hauling it
man deep dish pizza thats what her -ss reminds me of
a deep dish pizza i just wanna eat ya
her pussy so good she got me changing my religion
now all i do is worship mrs. griffin