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wydtony – mission lyrics


[intro: que.cappone]
graah graah graah boom
everything dead (p+ssy)

[chorus: que.cappone]
smoking on him and his mans
hollows gon hit him and rip through his pants
he wanna fight so let’s do it let’s dance
caught a backdoor but he ain’t get the chance
smoking on [redacted] i cannot land
he tried to diss bring him to front house
me and my brothers we bringing them guns out
[verse 1: que.cappone]
why all these n+ggas keep dissing
n+ggas keep talking you going up missing
you not can beat me the world opposition
it’s only my brothers and f+ck opposition
real dummy got shot cause he got in the way
them hollows gon hit him and rip through his face

[verse 2: wydtony]
wait that n+gga tahj almost went out on a mission
we young n+ggas addicted to tripping
tahj he was lacking
almost went out by a poke that sh+t backwards
almost met god n+gga need a pastor (what?)
ya’ll act tough but ya’ll n+ggas be capping (yeah) don’t want all the smoke
ya n+gga don’t want all thе traction (yeah)
ya’ll act tough guarantee you lil n+ggas be capping
wait. lets not forgеt about that n+gga named marcellus (ayy)
got his ass beat then he wanted a death wish
claim he got jumped in reality he weak that n+gga a punk (wait)
manchester, where i walk i’m f+cking your b+tch and she riding my c+ck
i feel like i’m yatchy i’m sipping the wok

[verse 3: wydtony]
claim he my opp but in reality that n+gga foolin bullets fly, hit face yeah they hit his medulla
call me drakeo because you know that i’m the ruler
can’t f+ck with these basic hoes these b+tches steady choosing
and he losing and i’m making paper pursuing
you can take me to court b+tch i’m suing
and i’m f+cking that b+tch i ain’t losing you (graah, graah, graah, boom)
hold up, making money making the racks that’s all that i do (graah)
hold up i hop on track i k!ll it that’s all that i do (graah, graah)
ayy and i’m making the racks the money i could never lose
ayy suck d+ck so good you’d think she belong in the zoo
ayy and i’m f+cking that b+tch she a model hoe
ayy i’m sipping the wok with a little casmigos
ayy and i’m f+cking these b+tches but i will not call them my hoes
ayy and she all on her tryna suck a n+ggas soul
what? not talking sticks but she keep ongrabbing this pole
ayy this free styling sh+t it can never get old
[outro: wydtony]
tony. tony. tony
graah, graah, graah, graah
graah, graah, boom (b+tch)
suck my d+ck (p+ssy)
spit on the tip (grah)
graah, graah, boom