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xoemyr – so, iran lyrics


[verse 1]
stuck boy with the 9 to cope with the bite of the bark
that p+ssy pink, coked up shawty wanna stop sucking cuz i’m getting too soft
hop in the black benzo coup in the night
hands full with a 2 for the lean in my cup and a blunt for the ladybug
told me that you want a feat, ima keep it in mind
half full from the bag, dat zip
ak with the baghdad kick
i took his shawty but he cuck, he don’t give a sh+t
small zip bag and a blunt for the lads
one and two real slow for the bird
no hennessy this a cup full of h+ll

they talk and they watch but ain’t doing much
ain’t got no time to wait for love, no
i don’t even go outside
please let me die, please let mе die for the 9
she ran, but shе ain’t from iran, i been up sad
counting racks, with a razor in my hand
she mad, i tell her:
“girl relax”
i just copped a bag
we gon’ laugh at everything we can

[verse 2]
threw 3 shots, get too real
throw a motherf+cking hook, hold still
i’m the clown that buy your b+tch new heels
fire start, sounding like bootleg
sounding like bootleg
sound like they booing
give me the meds, i’ll cremate your b+tch
i’ll cremate the duck cuz he done f+cked it all up
oh, where am i going?
i took a bad turn, where is my knife?
i gotta lay low
[verse 3]
where is my soul?, oh where’d it go?
that is my hoe, i let ’em know
where my enemies? they laying dead
got me upset, why they all left?
momma, no keys
can’t get inside the house
staying outside, in the rain
stew in my wooden pot
stew in my whip, it broth
stupid me give no f+ck
f+ck on my b+tch, she thot
so hard, make that b+tch cry
huh, yeah cry about it
(huh, yeah cry about it)



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