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ynkeumalice – 3:am lyrics


fill a shiver down my spine how it’s 3am
late night i’m paranoid about the
things in my head how i feel like
someone’s watching me and i don’t
know who but ik they up to something
anxiety in the day and night
how there’s someone watching me
out to get me what they plotting on me
can’t go outside i’m to paranoid
trying void death dodging death
ik imma bleed who ever out there
wanna see my blood drain
one shot to the brain
i don’t wanna die just yet
so imma live my life with these thoughts
of death how it be just me thinking
thеy watching on me plotting on me
if it goes down imma bе here for the
night where i stay
i don’t want no beef
i don’t want no war
imma keep my peace
imma keep to myself
lay low but i don’t know who
want be dead i’m to paranoid
paranoid by things that give me chills
life’s thrill imma junkie to the thrill
but it’s unknown eyes and snakes
watch you back they plotting to k!ll
they plotting to drill your heart out
k!ll you for random they don’t have
feelings just to k!ll ik what ik if i die
i want to be buried rich make money
till i did imma die successful and
they mad about cause they know
about it how plotting on me
to paranoid
i can’t sleep
i can’t rest
to paranoid
imma leave
knowing people close me to
me be safe at times at times
i ain’t round they plotting
for blood no matter the blood
they want to set it drain out

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