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yung tripp – smack that lyrics


na for real man, i heard mad n+ggas talking sh+t
they gon’ really hear what we got to say
meechie, tufou, yung tripp
f+ck all the haters man, f+cking p+ssies

oh that’s your b+tch? n+gga i’m gone hit that
pass her to the gang like she was a new pack
f+ck her like voodoo cause she got a black cat
ya’ man can’t say sh+t even though he a rat
he think you cheating cause you ain’t texting back
boy she getting hit from the f+cking back
like akon said, “smack that”
all on the floor, tap thatgive me some more, rat trap
with a cheddar wh0re, rat pack
what it’s smokin’ for? opp’ pack
we gon’ shoot at doors, f+ck that
we gon’ break some laws, f+ck that
b+tch, i’m not for no chit+chat
just suck somе more
get down to ya’ knees and pray to the lord, lil’ b+tch (ayе)

pulled up with some thots and some drop
and some exotic pops i been living too hot (living too hot)
i been the cream of the crop
and just off of the streams i could give you a knot (give you a knot)
my problems used to be a lot
but now i get paid for the sh+t that i jot
they tried to keep me from the top
but i’m in the spot and i’m getting some top (i’m getting some)
broke hoes getting ducked, aflac (aflac)
tell me why the f+ck would i backtrack (backtrack)
might start selling d+ck, f+ck rap (f+ck rap)
if it ain’t a l!cks of brick, don’t ask
don’t call my phone if it ain’t cash (blrrt)
when you slide through the hood, gettin’ no pass (no pass)
i’m about to go on tour—run it up fast (up fast)
no, we ain’t going out sad
na, we ain’t going out sad
might’ve tripped but i’m still gonna bounce back
got some money but i’m still gonna trap
got a problem? we can take it out back
yeah, like homie said, “f+ck rap”
yeah, i’ma blow his head, blast that
think i want a girl, but f+ck that
man i’m good on my own, you know that (yes sir)

yes sir, yes sir
i done seen a lot of faces, i done been a lot of places
i done been a lot of sp+ces that these n+ggas wouldn’t make it
thought the change would of changed me but the change really
made me
i was foul before the name, ask meechie, he’ll say it
i was wild before the fame, ask tripp, i’ll spray it
copped the jeep with the bank then the b+tches started chasing
copped the jeep with no bank’s help now the b+tches chasing me
(aye sometimes it be like that you just gotta push through it)
i never took the chance to really tell ’em how i felt
cause the man in the mirror said i don’t need n0body else
so i do it for you n+ggas and i do it for myself
n+ggas still hating—must be good for they health (good for ’em)
i’m still stacking paper cause it’s good for my wealth (good for me)
“ball til i fall” but a n+gga never fell
i’ma ball til i fall and a n+gga never fail

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