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zac chase – fingertips lyrics


i can feel the world at my fingertips, spinning on it’s axis
hope it don’t erase all my fingerprints
i just wrote a song, now they’re singing it
speaking of good thoughts, now they’re lingering

[verse 1]
i woke up and wrote my dream down
don’t know if i went back to sleep
i’m maneuvering through a big crowd
i’m thinking pretty fast like the speed round
put the- put the tree down, it’s just me now
cause all the creativity was bound to come out
all the things are sh-tty but it’s bound to work out
can you spot me cause i think i’m ‘bout to burn out?
this could be the last song i ever make
so how the f-ck am i supposed to meditate?
i take a look at the watch that i bought with my own stock and realize that it’s only 8 and i’m already fake

don’t text me if i’m sketching cartoons
humming all my favorite tunes
i just put my finger on the moon
and it’s do not disturb until noon


[verse 2]
if we’re watching basketball, don’t tell me the score
don’t even record it, just tell me who’s on the floor
cause i plan to stay as long as guest bathroom shampoos
communicating properly is valuable tool
i can feel the world, it’s like 2/3 blue
you’re a fool if you think “how are you?” is rhetorical
asking all the questions like i’m chatting with an oracle
can i call an audible, audible
little bit of money in my pocket
that’s too bad there’s too many options of how to spend money, time with friends, and more money
more money, more problems
i still want those dollars
i still want those problems