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zav – you lost her. (tyler diss) lyrics


(tory on the beat)
yeah i took your b+tch, but nah she ain’t got call me daddy, uh (haha)
ima smoke tyler, put him in a blunt, a fatty huh (cough)
roll his ass up, then i roll of in a caddy uh (vroom)
come take ciara back, nah i do not want a fatty uhh (haha)
catch his ass lackin, we gonna pop him like an addy uhh (brahhh)
leave his momma cryin, put his birthday in a tatty uh (haha)
said he wanted smoke, but he ain’t drop a f+ckin addy huh (b+tch)
brook left your p+ssy ass, yeah she left you daddy huh (haha)
beat your sorry ass, p+ssy, ima leave you maddy huh (bah bah)
little short ass can’t touch me, you need a laddy huh (haha)
kinky ass boy, what you wanna be l!cked? (ughhhh)
ima take your sh+t, boy i really hit a l!ck (yuh)
she ain’t yours no more, she gaggin on my d+ck (ughhhh)
i got some sh+t to tell you, but you’d be sick (blahhh)
got your ass beat by a female, you not vick (nah)
lost in court, b+tch we lightin you like bic, huh? (lighter fl!ck)
chockin on the smoke, p+ssy boy this ain’t no nic (cough)
totin two twin uzis, b+tch i’m really wick (grahhh)
weirdo ass rapist, with a b+tch, no you can’t kick (nah)
leave yo ass bl++dy, man i’m gonna plead the fifth (haha)
ima beat the case, but nah you ain’t (nah)
come get yo b+tch back, oh wait, you can’t (haha)
spray his house up, man we did it like some paint (grahhh)
you a f+ckin rapist, boy you ain’t no f+ckin saint (nah)
yo ex b+tch on a call
bullets hit him, he gon fall
slump his ass against the wall
b+tch we really ball
you ain’t got no friends, b+tch, who you gonna call?
ima big dog, b+tch i really f+ckin maul
you ain’t on sh+t, boy you barley five feet tall
you stay losin, b+tch you on a downfall
cracker ass boy, whatchu rock, some overalls?
lil fruity boy, you gonna play with them dolls
all your shots be missin, you be shootin air b+lls
call us vans the way the bullets ricochet off the walls
b+tch i dare you to try
see how fast you gon die
this ain’t a f+ckin lie
put you with your grandpa up in the sky
bullets fly
in court you really cry
i wonder why?
prolly cause she left yo ass
left yo ass in the past
f+ck you tyler
get some b+tches
p+ssy ass loser
you really had to+ you really had to rape to get some p+ssy
that’s f+ckin sad as sh+t
uhhhh haha
you’re not gonna be sh+t
you’re worthless
hope you die p+ssy