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zaybang – love & hate lyrics



ayy, i been tryna kick the lean, we pourin’ up juice
i told the b+tch bring her friend, they comin’ in twos
and how you think you finna win, but hate when you lose?
i got my son in this ‘cat, finna take him to school
i seen a n+gga go broke and trade in his jewels
another sucker n+gga dead, we breakin’ the news
that n+gga used to have some pape’, he snortin’ up blues
you put your trust in that b+tch, i’m lettin’ her choose
and every time i make some pape’, i’m doin’ my dance
i need a bad model b+tch, ain’t f+ckin’ no fan
i made my first few hundred thou’ still livin’ with grams
almost a million dollars later, was never the plan
and i ain’t finna buy no ghost, them b+tches’ll jam
b+tch, this a full 27, you play, you get fanned
and i could tell you in your feelings, you went on a rant
i’m from the place where if you slip, you n+ggas is stamped
look, a young player n+gga, could pull up in benz
and all my jeans beno wrld, we settin’ the trends
i just left from d rose, he gave me a glim
and i don’t listen to they songs, them n+ggas throw blams
and i be with his main b+tch, she givin’ me trim
i never seen so many shooters that don’t hit the gym
i know she wanna pay a n+gga, she feel like i’m him
ain’t scared to jump up in that water, i know how to swim
sh+t, it’s just me, rob, and zay, we keepin’ it lit
they know i been up in these streets since i was a jit
the gang better off alone, we goin’ legit
a scope goin’ on the chop, when i shoot, i don’t miss
and when it come to this bag, we bleedin’ the booth
talkin’ murders on them phones, you n+ggas is loose
remember we was mixin’ lean with belvy and goose
this n+gga always got a gun, but never gon’ shoot
instead of makin’ diss songs, go catch you a hat
since brother died in ’08, you n+ggas just rap
you only good at makin’ songs, you really a slap
and we ain’t goin’ back and forth, you know where i’m at
i sn+tched the ceiling off this b+tch, we pullin’ up clean
and supercharged the grand nash, we pullin’ up mean
how that’s a dirty+ass soda? you pourin’ up clean
can’t comprehend the sh+t i say, don’t know what i mean
she broke a trick for twenty thou’ we set in dubai
if b+tches ain’t talkin’ goals, you k!llin’ my vibe
the police just got behind us, they k!llin’ my high
she f+ckin’ n+ggas with no morals, you b+tches be fried
b+tch, i grew up in the jungle, i be with the apes
and i ain’t talkin’ to no n+gga that talk to the jakes
they tryna say it’s all love, these n+ggas be fake
it’s mixed emotions in this b+tch, the love and the hate

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