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zero point energy – negative shape lyrics


give a little
don’t you know it comes back round
live a little
don’t you know you won’t come down

it’s the negative shape i trace
that the world flows into
it’s the pattern that it makes
that lights the flame

for so long i wait
in this fortress that i’ve made
but i hear music at the gate
it calls out to me
offering something
you can have it for free

keep it simple
don’t you know it’s not so hard
just be gentle
don’t you know that’s what you are

it’s the habit that i break
that spun me outward
it’s the turning of the page
that leads me here
to feel callеd by grace
down the back ways
winding lost in the grass
a soft rеfrain
leads me down
and i want to run
i can’t explain
when it’s all said and done
i cast aside the weight of it now
tell me what remains

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