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702 2 – star lyrics


you’re my star
it’s such a wonder how you shine
so no matter how far
i’m dancing with you in my mind

how i find the time to think about what we had before
when everybody that i know is dancing on the floor
since you left the time it’s been so slow
any corner of my mind,
where else can i go

see i need you boy
i honestly think i’m imparing my health
see i need you boy
that’s probably why i dance with myself

hook 1x

baby it’s cool with me, you left off as friends
but i know it won’t be long until it’s on again
you’re harmony to every note
you can call my pyshic, if you like
whatever floats your boat

hook 1x

we use to walk and talk, talk
and you would hold my hand, hand
by the time we finish talking, talking
we were running out of land
now i can’t wait until we move together again

oh baby, you know i miss you so much
it’s like you got the midas touch, woo

hook 1x
hook until fade

writer: kamen/adams/lange
lyrics © sony/atv music publishing llc, kobalt music publishing ltd., ultra tunes, royalty network, universal music publishing group, bug music, emi music publishing, warner/chappell music, inc.