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ceexover – overxtime freestyle lyrics


oh no
oh no
no no
no no eyuh

[verse 1]
you do not know where i came from
usually game all the time like i live in a mame dawg
up in the stu with the master recording my raps till i forget my name dawg

like a statue of liberty n-gg-
thats how little over gon’ stand tall
put some respect to the name boy

finally figured it out
blood really thicker than water but water is life and i can’t live without

beefy niqqas be giving me gout
most of them i be k!lling tonight
ask the pilot if over too fly

[verse 2]
may day may day
coming hottet than the shvt you slept on
its child’s play whatchu did on that day
now im bouta lift off
like goku fully charged
no p-ssy fvck it i got dragon ballz

bladder full
im p-ssed
higher chance that im gonna take it all

no time for witness
i been great till this day
was online
they shvtted
my shvt black
i insert they die out
most niqqas they failed
most niqqas they sailed