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classiq – perspective (teaser) lyrics


[intro: goulet]
bong rip, ting

[verse 1: cl-ssiq]
it’s all black where i’m at
never been concerned with math, sitting in the back of the cl-ss
the one the say, ain’t gon’ p-ss
from day one i was always put last, overlooked, don’t ask
(see i grew up, grew up fast )
slip on my mask, make my own path, down these windy roads
you know its just the way it goes, wind blows cold
its darker then a cove in my soul
the holy ghost approached as i blew my smoke
i was gone down slope no-one threw me a rope, i been doin’ me, i got faith, i got hope

just try an cope with imperfections, keep my perspective in the right direction
anything to stop stressin’, any way but down the minds a weapon
times counting down you can feel the tension