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clawwastaken – forgiveness lyrics


[verse 1]
now this one is a throwback, so please just let me go back
walkin down memory lane you better bring a kodak
his momma love the weeknd so we won’t ruin sunday
ignorin all my emails, man i hope he sees em some day
built more than just houses, destroyed more than wood
bet we both have some things we’d take back if we could
i heard you’re all happy, i wish that we could hang
cause i’m still falling slowly, for that new slang

[verse 2]
the next few are real, but they’re comin from the hеart
every single one of thеse has been tearing me apart
and it started with the moon who pulled me like the tides
til she had me in her orbit and crushed me with the lies
the paranoia got the best of me like destiny
but in the end the chemistry was weaponry
seems she mistook me for the green from downton
when i only tried to be the verde from the fountain

[verse 3]
after was an angel, whose halo lit me up
but i was too broken, for her to try and pick me up
fast forward a year and we tried to be friends
just for me to go and f+ck it all up again

mix one part telephone and one part emotion
put it all in a blender if you want an explosion
the closure was nice, i think we’d both agree
but i left it in the song for the poetry

[verse 4]
then came the worst, quiet as a mouse
moving every week cause we couldn’t get a house
the passion came quick cause we didn’t even hesitate
but then i got banned so i had to go and hibernate
i disassociated and i wish i was stronger
but then again you went and f+ckin wrote a twitlonger
no bad blood cause i’m forgiving everyone
even if i missed you cause i know that i forgot some

[verse 5]
this last one is hard, hurts harder than most
at the end of it all, i guess he chose host
not out for revenge, no inigo montoya
understood him better cause we shared the paranoia

i just hated all the lies and bringing up the past
while he’s wearing a disguise and talkin to the cast +
he always kept it business, but i thought i had a pal
so he can keep the fame, cause i’m takin the royale