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cloud caverns – 2:05 lyrics


i recall the haze on fire
all the embers as streetlights line the avenue
i recall a smile from a ghost who didn’t quite know it yet
i recall the sidewalk cracks
and averted eyes juggling a three year gap
with too many words to say and none at all
it’s all the same

i recall your voice shooting ridicule
jesting obscene gestures at the man himself
black and white days summon reddish sun rays
to burn out the dead gr-ss and cracked withered hay
i recall most of all an outpour, an outcry
the day we heard the news
i recall a stillness one sticky night
when the bad beat out the good and all was sullen, all was ruined, all was bruised

i recall the last time we spoke and you had me rolling in reminisce
your eyes and mouth told a different story, i guess
if only i could see through your skin, through your soul, determine what was sinking in
would you still live on, would you not be gone?
if we’d take off our masks for one second
and see eye to eye like most men can
would there be a parade, a machine for some martyr like you who lost grasp of his dream?