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daddyphatsnaps – geekcypher, vol. 2 lyrics


alright, alright, everybody calm down, calm down, i’m here, i’m on the track, i’m gonna tell you a story about how i got this mask, but first, for the people that don’t know me, i want to introduce myself, here, listen

[verse 1]
i’m a different breed of nerdcore rapper
calling this verse the purge, and you’re captured
redrum on the beat, but spelled backward
pedal to the floor with torque of four tractors
i don’t give a d+mn, i got nothing to prove
go ludacris on the track, i make everyone move
whether you listen to rap, or needed something to groove
i got the flow that you need, i’m billy goating the room, ooh!
it’s fitting that i do the horror rap battles
k!ller on the mic, they shake like fat rattles
using every word, vocab got mad scrabbles
slipping through your best attempts like bad grapples
final boss, corny as h+ll, i just cheat
taking your beats, scare them to stems at your feet
climbing up the charts of nerds, and you’re peaked
i will burn every verse you wrote for more heat

alright, now that you know who i am i want to get into this story a little bit, there’s a reason i’m always doing horror rap battles, man, i had a+ i had a little bit of a run in with a few of them the other day, let me tell you how that went

[verse 2]
sixteen bars that is more than enough to strut
king of the hill, boy, i’m telling you h’what
i’m a titan, breaking through and tearing it up
wanna test me? i don’t think you’re daring enough
had freddy in my nightmares, hit him with a rap
and i snapped so bad he don’t even let me nap
everytime i sleep, he will send me right back
that’s when i met michael, he hit me with a track
he spit a few bars, had to flip the story on him
lit a match with a rhyme stack, went all laurie on him
thought that i was done, but then in comes jason
machete in his right hand, roaming out the bas+m+nt
that’s when i said: “voorhees, you don’t want beef”
then he stood real stiff, man, he didn’t even speak
what happened next? well, i’m glad you asked
i trashed his ass, bashed, and i grabbed this mask!
a true story, i’m not gonna send any challenges out, man, if a+ if you want it + come get it, daddyphatsnaps

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