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josiah – icarus lyrics


i sold my soul to the wolves last night
i called my dad said i’m losing this this fight
broke down the gates let the horses run wild
through my mind

when i was a blonde haired blue eyed boy
my mother told me son it will all turn out right
but i could see the desperation in her eyes
and i knew it wasn’t true

you’re a god
i’m a man
you’re a master
and i’m your plan
but i’m only feeling icarus, judas, thomas
where is abraham when i need that promise
cuz i wanna be your son

it was easier to breathe our breath than your own
but our lungs weren’t strong enough to keep us all afloat
now we’rе passing round the bottle and bodies arе all broke
still choking on that smoke

and i’m always dripping red
as i step into your light
i see my reflection
and salt falls from my eyes
you call me by your name
but i have seen your son
and we don’t look the same
my god, my god what have i done
my god, my god what have i done

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