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divdzyy – kevin diss lyrics


(kevin start)
i’m sorry i guess i’m broke
now but listen
who was the one sucking my d-ck for sh-t
who was the one acting like a little b-tch a pr-ck a snake a fake
get the f-ck out my face
you are acting way to fake
and g-y
and stop acting like a peep fan
we all know u a fake fan
godd-mn can you just can’t stop d-ck riding me up
who the one in my dms saying please papi
who was the one sending d-ck pics
to girls you haven’t even met
odd flex
and why you try to diss me ?
and why the f-ck you miss me ?
and saying please this please that sorry dad
right here man
where your dad go?
and listen i don’t wanna be a b-tch
you where over here trying to suck on my d-ck
and i get i get it we both know you at 7/11 24/7
and how the f-ck am i broke
you were sucking my d-ck for an arizona
and i’m gonna send you back to arizona
we’re your dad is
when he left he went zoom zoom
happiest day of his life isn’t that cool
(beat change)
what hoes are you pulling bro
carter really your ghost rider
and what makes you talk sh-t about me
and you gonna keep on bringing up the fact that she said no okay listen
you were always b-tching about no girls talking to you
who is you i forgot who you
(carter diss)
around town how was tony’s d-ck
got kevin sloopy seconds b-tch
mole rat n-gg-
stop sucking on my d-ck
your t-ts are the size of my head
and look at them t–th
but you a b-m as n-gg-
a washed up n-gg-
i can’t even look at my toes head-ss n-gg-
you said you would fight me b-tch but we all know you wouldn’t
you wish you were making racks you couldn’t
(kevin diss)
what hoes you got man
it’s probably yourself man
d-mn man
calling me out for being depressed man (lol)
give me a ritle and the skittles you ate
your fat-ss can’t lose any weight (aye)
the only race you gonna beat is that the most bag of hips to be eaten
why you gonna diss me
little b-tch get off my d-ck for a second
why the f-ck you acting reckless
little kid can’t even write his bars b-tch
no wonder he got held back in kindergarten
all these dumb-ss n-gg-s wasting my time
sike b-tch we’re the f-ck you been carter
probably in the dumpster with your grandfather
how you been remy
you can’t rhyme even for a dime
you remind me of a dyk-
you remind me of the main character from up
what’s up how have the big macs been ?
little b-tch
suck my d-ck
(jk i’m not g-y)
what hoes are you pulling bro
p-ssy -ss b-tch wouldn’t do sh-t
go suck a d-ck
and u probably enjoyed kevin’s d-ck pic

(the finish) ( just talk)
but kevin u were so happy when i got u in a lobby with plasma