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drtyuncl – christmas 2010 lyrics


and you were beautiful, as usual
that overcast, christmas night had me feelin’ useful – again
i was dragged to the bar by some of my friends
and left with a new one, afterwards you induced some
symbolic thoughts that i’d avoid at all costs
a couple months later, but this was just still the start
of a story that ended in winter when i descended
from up north back to that southern school that i attended
i won’t even pretend like even then i couldn’t tell
that your persona’s aroma i was dyin’ to smell
couple hours later i’m wrapped around the fingertips i held
twistin’ the twine as we discussed p-ssions and how we melt
away when the radio plays love tracks from back in the day
when acoustically made
two of the same lost souls on the same page
i wanted to read more but you stored it away
tell me how pathetic is this?
i’m writin’ you love songs, you barely know i exist
fiendin’ for your kiss, but that drug’s gone
one night was more than enough to pen you this love song
so long, soul-mate, i’ll never see you again
i’ll always remember that night that i can’t seem to forget
you’re gone and took along my cloud of persistence
but for one night someone accepted my existence