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e-low – wake up lyrics



is money all that really matters?
i think about it so much, what the fuck i’m actually after
emcees that i see look like actors
they’ve got it all backwards
it’s made a shame out of factual rappers like me
that have mastered my craft and believe
we can capture the flag of these fiends
and take it to a level never seen
i believe
hip hop is living in the very soul
of everybody residing in your area code
they’re unaware of the fair share of talent below
the mainstream media that we’ve grown to know

they always want you thinkin’ about
riches and gold
b-tches and hoes
unlimited dough
material, throw away bull shit
you don’t need

mom and dad are so proud their kid looks at a dope fiend
and idolizes the life of trapping and cocaine
this whole fucking world is insane..
i swear to god…

am i the only one left
that looks at what is popular and notices the devil in everything?
and i’m not even christian
these fucking puppets for the system
are only hot for a minute, so wake up

“wake up” by e-low (produced by e-low)