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zareuz – legend lyrics


i told my momma one day ima be a legend ima get it popping soon like a smith n weston kids are looking up to me so i’m teaching lessons grew up in the streets with all of the convicted felons they locked my daddy up he hit the block and started selling tryna feed his family said he was a convicted felon mama started popping pills cuz she started stressing and like a quick sneeze the lord gave me a blessing to picking up a pen instead of picking up a weapon me and my brothers in the backyard wrestling you wasn’t with me at my low man this shits depressing so why you hating on me that’s the real question i ain’t no usher man but this right here is my confession they gave my uncle 20 years that brought me some aggression i can’t fold under pressure nigga who u testing if ive never been the worst then i am the best in i’m praying god keep me safe and that he spread message drowning out my problems think i need a another beverage fake grills in my mouth just to keep me smiling working hard every night ya yo boy grinding i’m just waiting on that record deal so i can sign it you wanting young talent here ima help you find it i’m the hottest in polk county just to be reminded ugly boy but you already know i stay shining tryna lil bro who u down sizing i’m in the ocean finding nemo come on out n find me people hating on my vision so they tryna blind me for the people tryna knock me off i thank u kindly ima florida boy u can’t stop my ambition u say u want that heat well ima bring it like a kitchen i can’t fw many ppl cuz they steadily switching where i’m from you gotta get it whoever you get it if i get the bread best believe i’m gonna split it ima share it with my boys and whoever is with it liu kang mortal man we always kick it grew up in the ghettos made it out i don’t miss it now i’m doing shit myself and they say i’m tripping i didn’t need to do that trapping made an honest living now i’m trying make that money man that is the mission my ex girl mad cuz she see what she is missing
i told my momma one day ima be a legend(x2)
i told my daddy one day ima be a legend
i told my brothers right here ima be a legend