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ezzi – legendary lyrics


curbside check at the viceroy
ain’t no tag on the price of joy
they be talkin’ like ‘find a nicer boy’
my bling too loud, call it icy noise
achieve greatness on a daily basis
yeah’ my deck full but it’s only aces
look around and see familiar faces
everybody trippin’ better tie your laces
never back down from a challenge
especially when you only average
didn’t you know i’m a savage
already did enough damage
talkin’ smack like i did something
only mad cuz’ i win something
guess yall’ be sneak dissin’ from the back
cuz yall’ know i’m comin’
you had me hot like a furnace
don’t write an apology letter i’ll burn it
strict with that policy boy no returnin’
should’ve bought yourself insurance
i see the tables are turnin’
you need alotta’ maturing
bout’ to take this game over, got 2-4 on my jersey


99 like the ‘great one’
shout out all my day one’s
been around this game too long
to ever fall for your fake love
it was hella’ nice to meet ya’
none of my songs got features
that’s cuz’ i’m a different creature
top of the cl-ss i’m the teacher
split the cash that’s a paycut
money pretty wit’ no makeup
sleepin’ on me better wake up
flexin’ now better shape up
i got the juice if you thirsty
lambo’ racin’ down 3rd street
none of yall’ can hurt me
got speed like i’m 13
odell odell
odell odell
it’s coronation time so tell these
haters to go to hell
oh well oh well
know you too well
fooled me once but this time
it’s to no avail


la livin’ smell the sweet rose
windows down b-mpin free smoke
drivin round all ’em green roads
holdin’ on the clutch vujacic with the free throws
late night uncle joe jacuzzi
whole fam’ watchin’ movie
sippin’ on a couple brewskies’
like a kid actin’ groovy
like denace the menace who visit’s the dentist
for way too much candy from 7-eleven
number 1 call me 70 devin
kobe gene call it denim
boasted up in seventh heaven
i ain’t buyin’ what your sellin’
bleed purple and gold mamba got us spittin’ venom
i know what your thinking my flow is so sweet
you should know i’m okay man don’t care what you think
man i k!ll all these rappers they call me -ss-ssin
i do this for real but you is just actin’
i beat you before you don’t act like it happened
i locked you like petersen aka patrick
quit while behind cuz’ this thing might get tragic
will always be better cuz’ i got the p-ssion