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fliptrix – see the sun lyrics


[verse 1: fliptrix]
where the h-ll did the sun go?
allow the 1 to 6
i’m in a zone that’s unknown
location x
no friends and no foes
no shotta dem
no tens and no o’s
money makes the world go round
it’s stone cold, so much so
i saw the galaxy froze
from this blood red road
lizards on a throne
made out of bags of bones
cameras catch souls
so the hood and cap sold
the hood, they never vote
they left the ballot box closed
like the coffins
à la carte flows
food for thoughts old
so the maggots start slow
cocoon in the brain
degrade and get exposed
b-tterfly effect
raising life from the mould
the past is forgotten
while the future’s untold
i’m stuck in the middle
trying to hold on to both
angels with their clipped wings
are climbing the ropes
denied by default
they caught a knife in the throat
triple nine never helped
cause the line was on hold
flipped the numbers round
then i sighted the devil’s code

we gotta run away
to the sun shine
we gotta runna runna away
to the sun shine
all i really wanna do is
see the sunshine
the sunshine
all i wanna see’s the sun shine

[verse 2]
i see the sun through a tear drop
permeated in the eyes of the divine beauty
behind the windows of her soul
lies a priceless ruby
picture set in pitch blackness
the silence moves me
inside the movie
the storm formed eyes moody
for better for worse
it never saw right through me
far from a ghostly figure
i’m living proof see
i love music
and never use the term loosely
and bathe in their lunacy
crazy in the brain
i remain in a state brutally
craving change
like i was deprived immunity
i’m fighting when the futures bleak
nothing nice is new to me
it’s photogenic
so i’m capturing it beautifully
developed in the darkness
bringing art to light crucially
guided by the stars
they got the signs that
make us you and me
time waits for no man
that’s why we’re always on our feet
personify my feelings
when i let them loose
to ride the beat
unify my mind and speech
you define yourself
or suffocate in silence on the street
cause when the sun goes down
you’ll see the rivalry
and hear the cry of screams


[verse 3: fliptrix]
excited eyes feed their minds
with the desecration
it’s only fuel
for the final detonation
red b-ttons pressed
making smithereens from faces
cutting up the pavements
like nothing here can save them
hollow hearted soldiers
crush love till it’s vacant
pure disintegration
no stand ovation
without a platform or station
train of thoughts derailed
h-lls upon the nation