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heavy c – moman’s revenge lyrics


[intro: woman]

even a man who is pure at heart
and says his prays by night
may become a wolf
when the wolf (?) blooms
and the autumn moon is bright
you moron, i will k!ll all of you
i will k!ll all of you

[verse 1: heavy c]

my compet-tion p-ssy and i’m piping the game
and now they all scared saying that i’m slightly deranged
fans go crazy and i might be insane
but my bars too hot like (?) lighting the flames
dropped on the head yo i ain’t right in the brain
go hard like flock aim too nice in the paint
cropping n-ggas out the pic they wasn’t right in the frame
swag too sharp, i put a knife in these lames
they think i’m wrong now, i wasn’t right when i came
marksman moman, i’m too nice with the aim
i do it for my mother i’m still fighting for fame
matter fact, f-ck a vote i’m still fighting for change
her only sun shining still fighting the rain
go against me you gone fight and get slain
you lie through your t–th i just bite with my fangs
you move too slow you ain’t quite in my lane
just like the martial arts you ain’t finding a chain
you see death is forever but a life can be changed
n-ggas gone hang, n-ggas get slain
sh-t been getting heavy ever since moman came
my right to gain light and fight to stay right
these rappers are so sweet they cookie and cake bites
they sleeping on a n-gga i’m f-cking up they nights
i howl and i haunt i’m f-cking up they lives


a woo nyasty might shame
within this circle i have made
make me a werewolf strong and bold
(?) like of the young and old
so now i howl in the night like the f-cking wolfman
the target’s the moon that’s where i’m looking
howl in the night like the f-cking wolfman
the target’s the moon that’s where i’m looking

[verse 2: heavy c]

heat in my blood makes the fire i’m spitting
these fangs in my mouth man they mainly for ripping
tracks and wack rats who be thinking they sick
and getting studio time but good lyrics be missing
could tell i’m k!lling sh-t man the grades i be digging
bury the compet-tion i my mission and vision
but i lie to you not you won’t get it from wishing
gotta hold on tight all the way to the finish
y’all think i’m really hitting how i’m changing positions
cause i ain’t for the quitting and i ain’t for the b-tching
y’all could tell i’m real sick cause i’m leaving them itching
y’all fiending for the level of music i’m giving
burning n-ggas up and i just started p-ssing
they’ll all go to h-ll if i ever start sh-tting
raw dog i’m just eating everything that y’all gave me
now i’m biting enemies and they catching my rabies
repping when i’m rapping my p-ssion is to go crazy
you could blame the town and the parents who raised me
the moon shining bright inspiration for change
and i couldn’t even choose it, it was like it just made me
as i die in the flesh i rise in my death
hip hop will now live the resurrection was sent
the mega blessing was sent from someone stepping ahead
when i looked around the resistance was dead


[verse 3: heavy c]

the freaks come out, we turn to animals
when the beef come out
we make y’all n-ggas freeze
when the heat come out
see y’all some p-ssy -ss n-ggas
i’m a eat y’all out
beat y’all down
i need a crown, y t–th are now
the reason why your home boy’s bleeding now
if you hunt the beast then the beast you become
hip hop is dead so someone give me a gun
i’m a k!ll myself so i can build my wealth
work all hours of the night
and i’m a k!ll as well
something like the devil a rebel
so are you ready take it to another level
the kettle is now heavy
the warrior within has revenge eternally
so proud but offensive these n-ggas i let them bleed
my speed and agility
got him like he’s k!lling me
they feel the heat i’m k!lling beats
(?) but still unique
human on the outside but within i’m still a beast
ah, i’ll bite your face off
only see me in the moonlight as i race off
bodies on the ground in my demolition path
you won’t even hear a growl when i f-cking kick your -ss
leave them stuck up in the gr-ss, leave the cuts up in his back
and this is just because you got buck when i p-ssed
see i cuss when i’m mad
i’m nuts so i spas
f-cking up this game and i bust on the tracks
i must eat a snack
you was sleeping on a n-gga so you must need a nap
i’m crushing you f-gs
enough of you had your time and i’m rising
the lycan i am is nothing like them
i descended form a clan of the highest cl-ss
i am mad so those who i attack
will die as fast as the guys who act
you could tell that they lies and rats
silver bullet to my chest the my life’s a wrap
but i’m still a warlock i won’t die from that



i’m not the one that you beef with
i’m the n-gga in your squad that you keeping a secret
i’m not the one that you beef with
i’m the n-gga in your squad that you keeping a secret


i’m the reason why these n-ggas can’t sleep at night
so tell me how the f-ck you gonna have some dreams of flight