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gar greatest at rapping – immaculate flow lyrics


[verse 1: gar]
i’m with luke and he pulled out some racks i’ve never seen
i asked him what the h+ll you doing in my stu with all this green
said he always carries a thousand multiplied by 17
then he passed out on the couch i realized he was off a bean
that’s all i needed to know the legacy of luke sheehan
don’t forget he’s ballin duke, better call him duke sheehan
rolled him up a p++p blunt now i call him p++p sheehan
in the cut he’s spooky as a b+tch call him spook sheehan
send luke an open verse he tear it up like a paper shredder
considered paying for an mp3 lease but he knew better
how he only 15 and seeing this amount of cheddar
he bought and re+gifted michael his old balenciaga sweater
ever since he got them rickys he been dripping head to toe
likeii is more influential than mshee? yeah we know
i knew he’d be great when we dropped lshee that was years ago
luke could freestyle on any beat with immaculate flow
[bridge 1: gar]
immaculate flow
dressed in all black like a crow

[verse 2: likeii]
you cannot step up like my shoes hoe
spinning round on this adderall
i’m a blood like a menstrual
you’ll never know when it’s fatal
i drop a deuce in my faygo
that’s just how my whole day go
we got gar in the building
f+ck what you selling
f+ck that lil’ h+rny b+tch i just wanna see the melon
keep it running up, bands to the ceiling
you is lame as f+ck you just wanna touch some paper
i just want some paper
i can’t hang with haters
keep a .40 on me just in case this sh+t get dangerous
put my shoes on walk outside
like some wind on your hair blowing slow
just my voice on this beat with

[bridge 2: gar]
immaculate flow
immaculate flow
luke got immaculate flow
dressed in all black like a crow
[verse 3: gar]
dressed in all black it must be spook sheehan looking very scary
i need me a song with likeii and mshee and nolan barry
likeii is living the teenage dream not talking katy perry
my opps lactose intolerant finna chase ’em with some dairy
my sixth song with likeii every verse costing me more and more
she interrupted luke tryna record he kicked her out the door
i’ma have to sit him down and teach ’bout all the mud lore
tryna bring down luke for being great at rapping, whats that for