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hammond gamble – a strangers girl lyrics


one day when this circus stops
and you’re sat round waiting for a phone to ring
one day when the penny drops
and you see that you’ve got nothing
and even your list of so called friends has disappeared

that’s the day you’ll call me

one night when the chips are down
and a yellow moon comes and blows your cover
one night when he’s out of town
and you’d swear to christ
that he’s with some other
and even the book you’re reading bores you from cover to cover

that’s the day you’ll call
yeah that’s the day you’ll call me

i don’t know what it is about you baby
maybe it’s the way that you comb your hair
maybe it’s the colour of the dresses you wear
honey it’s a strange old world
now that you’re a strangers girl

one night when a curtain falls
on an empty house in a lonely glow
one night when you’ve no more calls
from the countless broken hearts you know
when even the colour of the money starts to fade
that’s the day you’ll call me
hey that’s the day you’ll call me