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hardo – in my eyes lyrics


[hook: hardo]
lord i accept the world you put me in
i hope that you accept me lord for all my sins
look in the sky’s, it just dark clouds around it
look at my eyes, you see that i’m tired of violence
i’ve been praying so long
i’m really tried too long
i’m tired around with this chrome
i don’t wanna do wrong

[verse 1: hardo]
you think i like living this life style
everyday i got n-ggas tryna knock my lights out
all these k!llings, all these robberies
its kinda hard when a n-gga stuck in poverty
breaking gl-ss all up in outside my house
they had a n-gga creeping tryna take me out
i don’t never park til i drive around
know how k!llas move
cuz i’ma k!ll a n-gga
know how robbas move
cuz i done robbed some n-gga
so i’m always a step ahead of you n-ggas
everyday another tragedy
everyday a fatality
so i prayed to god, thanks for calverty
that’s the only hope that a n-gga got
all the sh-t i got, i can’t get out back
i’d change it all if i start from scratch


[verse 2: chevy woods]
couple bricks in the rental
yeah i got yo b-tch in the rental
and this the sound of the city
yeah this the sound of the ghetto
they sleeping and hearing them shots
they letting off heavy metal
ain’t nothing changed to a n-gga
you get out of line, they gon’ get ya
i’m back on the block, i’m with it
man you ain’t been there for a minute
my old head he told me to get it
i told em i got us some [?]
b-tches you chilling and f-cking
all of these tapes in them bricks
wrap em and [?]
yeah i know the business, i was it
for n-ggas thinking i wasn’t
i put that sh-t on my cousin
yeah i put that sh-t on my cousin
tell them the zeros and commas
protected by 40’s and llamas
he tried us and now he a goner
the young n-ggas do it they wanna