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i am leo the rapper – deaf, dumb, & blind lyrics


[verse 1: the vinci]
dropped one single now i’m waiting on the album
then i’ll run my city making waves like malcolm
let me out the cage neigh-sayers saying “how come”
no i’m on stage who knew it would be the outcome
me, and i come to bring the sword yea
we, come ready for war you’ll see
this peasant go from a slave to a king
so y’all kiss the ring
y’all give me the crown
tell the angels to sing
because god has touched down
according to pharisees
my words are blasphemy
“oh, now he philosophize?”
the government tell us lies
the k!llers get televised
religions get terrorized
these devils are in disguise
they’re wolves among the sheep
the strong prey on the weak
the weak pray for the weak
and i can smell the blood
because i ain’t ate in weeks
beats they get bodied
rappers are under sheets
and zombies are in the streets
with mouths full of deceit so feet don’t fail me now
darkness it surrounds
ain’t seen the light in awhile
tribulations and trials
and cages just made me wild
the temple it gets defiled
with fumes and tattoos
that dude he’s bad news
me i add to my knowledge and you just add to my views
my words are like scripture this music fill up the pews
money all in the basket
bodies all the casket
pen got all types of gadgets
look at my f-cking gl-sses
i can see the future and it comes in flashes
i can see the cities and they burn to ashes
no remorse or pity when everything collapses
the world is off it’s axis
i am no loner atlas
paint the canvas so vivid can’t control the madness
i be fighting these demon’s in the (k)night like gladys
music in my ears is heroine to an addict
i’m a savage, macho man
i still don’t think that y’all understand

[hook: the vinci]
i’m the man in my city, uh..
i got everybody sh-tty, uh…
and they never seen it coming noooo…
and they never seen it coming nooooo…

[verse 2: the vinci]
i’m a misogynistic, twisted s-d-stic sick kid
spitting sick sh-t and dropping cid
questioning existance, what is this?
metaphysics mixed with ciroc and gin
i’m back again
strapped with pads and pens
i got one thick lens
got a small circle keep a couple friends
picking out the seeds and i’m throwing out the stems
one bright light makes the rest look dim
kanye flow and my b-tch like kim
i rock cocaine vans that’s no tim’s
tell these hooligan’s i goes in
all white clothes on my trump sh-t
plus these rappers on they trump sh-t
always saying some dumb sh-t..
[cut to trump segment]
(i think what i wanna do.. is i wanna talk for just a second..
i wrote this out and it’s very close to my heart because i was down there and i watched our police and our fireman down on 7-11, down at the world trade center right after it came down)
like i’m a fly mother f-cker you know 7-11
if i die won’t be a virgin left up in heaven
who am i kidding? these are devilish flows
the pen is a weapon
i’m coming at your neck with aggression
depression took me to the edge of possession
i’m teaching these devils a lesson
gotta keep them guessing
had to be deaf, dumb, and blind to find the truth
because the self can’t see the self
easily deceived by wealth
that’s why i move in stealth

[hook: the vinci]
and they never seen it coming no.. (4x)
i’m the man in my city, uh…
i got everybody sh-tty, uh…