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mr. realaf – meet me in temecula lyrics


i done come to get the job done
ain’t another n-gga that can double for me
he musta been a lame like his daddy
now you know i ain’t playin’
and he don’t want trouble for me
just meet me, just meet me
you gon see i was really in the street
i’m the n-gga that these haters need to see
all it take is 30 minutes in ya jeep
just meet me

[verse 1]
i ain’t worried how i fit in
i’m just spittin’ how i’m livin’
these tweets givin’ you fiction
they’re a constant contradiction
what you need to do is listen
this colecovision
old school game like i played against the pistons
i was playin my position
i’m just playin’, i ain’t pippen
i was shootin’ for the mentions
he was trollin’ for attention
i’m just ballin’ on a mission
we was knowin’ he was simpin’
big pimpin’ for his means
but he really diggy simmons
that’s the reason this was written
that and my ambition
you keep playin’ pride for its pitiful condition
it was critical, he didn’t have a pot to p-ss in
it’s why he went missing when i was here like “listen”
that line might miss him
please, lord, forgive him
they don’t know what they missin’
like they missing in the system
didn’t know he had it in him
didn’t know he had a vision
he had a plan, he executed with precision
now we winnin’ and we comin for commission
this ain’t a mixtape, i’m just rapin’ snottie drippen…


[verse 2]
it wasn’t easy losin’ eazy
only knew him from the tv
i was just a bg
he was screamin’ “f-ck the pd”
i saw why he was screamin’
when the [?] tried to [?]
it was hard to see him leave it, [?] std
that wasn’t easy as ridin’ this beat beneath me
that wasn’t easy as [?]
the game ain’t cheap
i need to keep the reciepts
i was in the knee-deep
you was in the cheap seats
in the deep sleep, like 3 z’s
i’m just smokin these trees
bustin’ over these beats
and you never catch me f-ckin’ wit no he-she’s
b-tch n-ggas, that’s what i call these species
won’t stand up when they pee-pee
won’t man up when they see me
they see me as a threat
i just see them as some feces
so just stay on your pcs
i will stay beastie
be careful when you tweet me…

yeah, n-gga, this me
and it don’t gotta be temecula, n-gga
riverside, san bernadino, sh-t…
anywhere in the m-th-f-ckin’ ie
or, you can stay on your m-th-f-ckin lane
shut the f-ck up when it’s time to shut the f-ck up