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iam_rubio – memories lyrics


intro (2pac)
1994 2pac mtv interview

verse 1 (rubio)
yeah reminiscing on the lost thoughts and
lost dreams i had growing up
and like malcom x by any means
i had to make ’em come true
but now that i sped through life
like it ain’t no big deal
no longer chasing the big deals
the big meals or the fly wheels
i feel like i’ve stopped at a stop sign
sitting still. not inspired to enter the race
cause it’s easier to get faded then be motivated
never ever gonna disappoint my mother
trust me ma, i won’t be like my big brother
everyday she worries
that i’m not going to college
cause can’t get far without an education and
that i do acknowledge
cause knowledge is power
at least that’s what people say
a rebel without a cause
never went the people’s way

interlude (2pac)
1994 2pac mtv interview

verse 2 (rubio)
yeah i’m back on that rubio the poet
i let everybody know it
i’m the realest so i gotta show it
most these fool just know how to blow it
but i guess
i need to start writing like steinbeck
but i’m a mess
cause in that devil in a new dress
people try to put me in a box
just like the rest
they can’t fill me like a bubble sheet test
telling me i anit smart
cause i got ds & fs
but when i write i always do impress
i know i got jaws dropping
like some grades
now i’m about to go off
like a grenade
real sh-t that was never said
memories stuck in my head
they say dreams never die
but i feel like mine is dead
still hungry even after being fed
a lost soul on it’s deathbed
even if these words remain unread
these the things i have said

outro (2pac)
1994 2pac mtv interview