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jay brannan – myth of happiness lyrics


myth of happiness

well, that bullet in your mouth
found the easy way out
wont be long until you’re sorry
the future was lookin’ starry
now your eyes are sweating doubt

you look good in them jeans
do you know what love means?
they said just do the things you do
and love’ll just come to you
they left out all the in betweens

i have found effort combined with indifference
is the formula for success
and the prisoner most craving deliverance
is the one proffered it less
why wont you liberate me?
i’m a captive refugee
from this myth of happiness
still a believer i guess

i don’t always feel on
in fact i’m usually turned off
but i am drawn into your grieving
and you’re smile’s not so deceiving
i can take the faceoff

and he coulda, woulda, wasn’t
i am, will, have, did
if tomorrow i died
no one could say i hadn’t tried
even succeeded, god forbid


you say you don’t have love
what if love truly is an action?
cant learn to walk until you crawl
but why does a building have to fall
for a man to show comp-ssion


will you believe with me? say yes