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josef dawoud – motivation lyrics


[ verse ]
these voices in my head they’ve returned
i’ve been taking so much that it hurts
i’m holding them, but they’re growing in my head
but if i don’t release them it’s getting worse
they’re telling me, there’s nothing i’m worth
they’re telling. i’ll always be hated, will never be loved
they’re telling, no one will ever care for you, you’ll always be lost
they’re telling, you’re dreaming to big, dreams you ain’t gonna reach, might as well give up
telling me, you’re living in torment, no one cares that you’re hurting
no one is ever gonna care for you enough
you’ll be always be dumb, you’ll never be smart
you’ll always run but you’ll never walk
because the feeling of peace is something you’re not gonna get your hand on
you’ll always fail and be a failure, everything you touch always derails
everyone that know you looks at you like a stranger
this place isn’t the place you belong in
keep telling yourself “ i belong here “
will not stop the fact that you’re lonely

part ii

lies, lies, lies lies
doesn’t matter for me
because being alone and failure
is motivating me to push through the hatred
all alone i’m standing here waiting
to say that i reached success, so amazing
i’m alone in this game still, just my voice and my words lists
i know and believe that i can do what they do without any help
i might be a little bit shy of myself
i have done things that i regret, said stuff and thought that i should’ve refrain
there are lots of memory of hatred that i should face and
not escape them, because they are part of me
and if i wanna evolve i gotta face my pain man
i’m out there smiling, but inside me there’s pain indeed
that i’m hiding, i’m not mighty but i’m fighting for my right to…live
i don’t need money, i don’t need your help
i don’t need you honey, i don’t need your wealth
i’ll just keep on running, till i find myself
i’ll keep finding life funny, till i’m out of breath
i deal with every thought that impede me from being happy
i feel like everything, every emotion of, trust that i have had is lacking
that’s why i keep rapping these words, removing these sword of my neck
‘cause they’re tryna wrestle me or, let me live in unimaginable agony for long
just to assure, that i can’t stand in their face no more
knuckle in the face, let’s see the result, a bl++dy nose, punched for doing nothing wrong
wake up everyday of that reminder on my face
whispers in my head, tryna make me go astray
voices in my head tryna make me forget about pain and harm everyone else
that’s why i feel like i’m at a standstill, stagnant can’t move
police don’t need to tell me to freeze
i’m paralyzed and my mind’s too, it can’t keep
all the memories i have, their due is here
i’m giving up my mind is overwhelmed
wasn’t it i that taught himself to never give up
or get afraid and cave in and leave everyone in an instant, love
i’m sorry i gotta go don’t forget me i know i’ll regret this
but before i say a word a i need to fix my issues
before i comment on yours, i need to fight for freedom and get clean first
redeem my soul, redeem myself, redeem my thoughts, redeem my health
i hope to find the motivation in or after this verse

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