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kanye west – hostage lyrics


[sample: linda perhacs]
been coming down for a long time
changes coming down on me
can’t seem to carry them all now
been wishing there was someone else i could be
hey now, who really cares
hey, won’t somebody listen
let me say what’s been on my mind
can i bring it out to you
i need someone to talk to
and no one else would spare me the time

[chorus: kanye west & linda perhacs]
it’s a process
it’s a process, it’s processed (i used to think of ferris wheel light sounds)
it’s processed, it’s gossip
it’s a gossip, i’m hostage
i’m here

[verse: kanye west & linda perhacs]
hostage on the process (the friday hum of neons and blue)
am i an impostor?
something [?]
[?] almost [?] (but now they’re like circular cages)
always on us, [?]
always on it, [?] (of graded tin and rusted wind)
keep a [?], i’m gon’ [?] (hey now, who really cares)
keep on [?] (hey, won’t somebody listen)
keep on [?]
not your [?], not a photo (let me say what’s been on my mind)
keep the [?], i know it’s [?] (can i bring it out to you)
i’m improving daily verses (i need someone to talk to)
all my days is [?]
[?] (and no one else will spare me the time)
they gon’ call him [?]

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