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ken kaio – the saga lyrics


do this
start of a saga broken beaten
left leg came back heavily armored
taking the name of cynical skeptics
and my list has never been larger
revisiting my life and realizing my timeline has never been darker
rinse of negative energy
i’m a bad man so not a big fan of karma
turn the tide of these ocean flows
leave my enemies mortified
tyrants hid behind castle bricks
we conquered kingdoms fortified fortified fortified
identified by burning banners
no more lords of the manors
i’m a venomous mad man by design
and no 9 to 5 and no more cause
everybody hates their job when there trapped in the labs
i swear down lads my life has been one long round of capture the flag
so, when i go mad
watch me when i go mad
i let my cypher loose in attack
then sleep for a million years and show then who is cthulhu when i come back
my enemy’s talk online all day but my 16 bars disabled the chat
didn’t want to open doors so i opened doors with the key that’s under the mat
they’ll eat you alive in the belly of the beast
but this wolf pack is a hunger to match
but swear down when i’m on track i’m setting up critical hit meters to the max
what do you think of speech’s i see talkers leaving a scene in pieces
doing up a light saber with a 6 1 6 and the weight of the work increases
turn of the lovecraft
necra nomacar into a working thesis
no more weakness
inside the mind of a man who houses lyrical creatures
turn of the fever
hungry eaters
doing up hide n seekers
finders keepers
capture the bag from sleepers
one of man talk eediyat
no goal keeper take my shot and seize it deep it rinse and repeat it
bathe in the flame of defeat and see the blinding blaze of a phoenix
all of my demons sleeping
greys cthulhu mind is trapped in a board of b-ss
everlasting screams tearing down these walls of elusive dreams
and when i wake up to the sound of the beating drum
all eyes on me when i fall back down to the scene with the force of a metric ton
end of a saga rich and righteous
left leg came back heavily burdened
taking a list of friends and enemies but my list has never been certain
revisiting my life and realizing i’ve never faced my fears in person
feed of negative energy i’m a bad man in a genghis kahn incursion