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khushal boss – sweatshirt lyrics


[verse 1: khushal boss]
welcome to the mind of the most revered
scarred with the truth that i’d always feared
no time for pain or the blood in my tears
dancing with the devil till my death comes near
now i’m back to slash trachea’s out of the throats of sinners
look into my eyes i’m determined to be the winner
big beard bandit with badges on brown blazers
bashing brains with books and bodies with black tasers
once upon a time, there lived a king without a castle
born without a pastor, and dance like dizzee rascal
i’m on that triangle 3 digits like pascal
i would try to be the greatest but its not worth the h-ssle
in this new age game, i’m playing the front position
screw a fishing pole, i’m on a mission for these digits
sicker-than sti’s no lies, its my condition
talking wrx, what you talking bout man?
row the boat, cos it potent like broke chemicals
floating on that dope, but nope its not medicals
grope the opening of hope tunnels with soap, lotion
and motion the whole ocean into this d-mn commotion
i’m element 92, split with atoms from guns blowing
and showing no resistance to persistence from oprah
i’m doper bra, spit toxins i’m eating cobras
and hova was impressed by cole’s flow and, uh, beats
i beat the beat up with my feet and pairs of cleats
then eat the meat, seeping through bleeding trees
i’m ecops with the rest of 10’s best, i’m blessed
wearing 2 crests, i’ll put it to the test, made a mess
just a jest, i make gestures with jesters no uncle fester
learn a lesson, make investments with people from the west
stop the war, spelt backward is what we are

[verse 3: khushal boss]
rebels with medals of honour, flora or fauna
we k!ll em all till they goners, forget the blood on the carpet
that’s some smooth criminal, minimal damage to their spindles
cause there’s no mitosis for these halitosis locusts, get the potion
and soak clothes with chloroform till they p-ss out
and gas out like o2 in cylinders i’m pillaging villagers
with iphone apps, so now vibe on that
ain’t got time for that, watching vines on cr-p
websites, shout out to the angels that didn’t even raise me
cos angels don’t have time to be crazy or even praise me
telling my god to save me or place me inside an av
movie with the sound off, now i let that round off
i’m so heinous, i’m out of this world, ur-n-s
and crushing the rich and famous, put a cannon inside your -n-s
what remains is just fragments of dead haters, raw
light the foam cups and watch microphones bust
tailgate this big rig like dodge vipers on trucks
i’m not the type of man to rust, i might be anchoring the trust
now she thanking me for l-st buts its kinda like she must
be joking when she poking up the c0ke and uh
i’ll say it one more time, don’t do drugs people
kidnap king kong and climb to the top of the steeple
drink juice out the beetle, get into the foetal position
because they wishing that they never unleashed
this beast, when i’m reaching and i’m preaching like priests
eat the whole garden when i’m having my feasts
beat you in the human race, welcome to the next heat
screaming for reasons that no ones feeling
feel the season bleeding the scheming and all the dreaming
is vividly defined, like burnt stars in the sky
getting high off that co, monoxide…