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konan doyle – signed, sealed, delivered lyrics


i’m not the type of guy to tell you what you want to hear
there’s no instructor in your car to tell you how to steer
so put your feet up on the throttle
there’s no genie in a bottle here to listen to your wish and make it all appear

i don’t need you to show me, i found the ropes
you don’t need punch lines cause you clowns are jokes
makin all these trap songs with a sound you stole
so i’ma keep on shoving my songs down your throats

you deserve good music and way more
fame wh0res use the same four lame chords
they wait for the views, then they stab you in the back with the same hand that they used to shake yours

if you hear my lyrics basic, you should listen up
i feel greedy by the way i’m never giving up
to this music, if you don’t think that i give enough
that’s just your opinion but it’s clear that your opinion sucks

d+mn + i mean this is only minute one
i don’t need to be a crip or blood that’s in the cut
yea i know i don’t sit in the club to live it up
i don’t have face tats drawn on by a jigglypuff

yo, i don’t need codeine in my cup
the single drug that’s in my lungs is only indica
or sativa to be honest i dont give a f+ck
only time i’m moving coke is when i drink it mixed with rum

why the f+ck you sniffing stuff?
why you sticking stuff up in your blood?you’ll get yourself addicted but
you could probably start with all the little drugs and then you could go and learn to, i don’t know, stick with them? (yeah)

i am poseidon the way i flow
why don’t i get a trident to let ‘em know
no, why don’t i get a trident, you’re breath is gross
covered in his ice, yet he’s looking like a wendigo

i just see it as a chess game, check mate
let’s play, seeing through you like an x+ray
you just wanna get paid but you need to get trained and since i’m the best maybe i could be your sensei

first off, lose the 10k neck chains
i would rather have 10k net gains
i would rather run a 10k leg day
even with your jewellery, you still ain’t making headway

golden grills, but you looking like you’re betty white
i’m getting gigs, you ain’t getting any mega bites
i’m gettin flights to any height because i get it right
plain and simple, got my brothers here to lift me, get it, wright?

that’s cause all you write is how to sip the henny right
spending money every night so you can get a like
all the women trying to settle cause he’s covered in his metal
now they both are feeling confident they met a knight

so here’s the rest of it, and this is just an estimate
i’m going 0 to 60 in two seconds like a tesla did
and i’ma do it writing lyrics that i get authentic with
y’all might do it writing all your music using rhetorics

i want you to listen to the sentences
i want you to feel the way i felt and hear the sentiment
i have the respect in knowing everything i said i meant
so i’ll be moving up and you’ll be dropping like the sediment

i’m so lit if i solidified like wet cement then it’s because i give a hundred lines a hundred 10 percent
but i can do it effortlessly, better than the veterans, and so i wrote this letter for the men that don’t make any sense

signed, sealed, delivered