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levelle london – what i want lyrics


what i want


don’t ask me what i want
cos i might just tell the truth
yeah yeah


don’t ask me what i want
cos i might just tell the truth
tell you from the jump
i just want a piece of you
i should bring you to the booth
don’t ask me what i want
i might say i wanna
hit it, hit it
i wanna beat it, beat it
michael jackson on the riddim, beat it
i wanna beat it
ask me what i want
yea i might just tell the truth


really truly want you fully
bedroom bully
it’s unfortunate he left you charging up your bullet
i’m doing what he couldn’t
you’re doing what you shouldn’t
ooh, ooh, hit the jackpot
walking past you acting like i didn’t pree the backoff
n0body can top it, you’re like call of duty black ops, 2
i love the back of you
let’s go out to sh0r-ditch you can show me all your moves
i’m fronting like i don’t wanna take you straight to the room
they say honesty is the best policy for true
let’s get straight into it i don’t wanna come off rude
i don’t wanna lie lie, lie lie
you might tell me bye bye, bye bye
unless you wanna try try, try try
i can bring you to my side side, side side
ask me what i want
i might, i might