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light speed – this world’s illusion lyrics


[singular verse: light speed]
this world is an illusion
fuck yo shit, it’s pollution
no constitution for’a revolution hiding absolution
poor fucks got prostitution feelin sorry that they proven…
kind of a sad song
flame they shit like it’s lance armstrong
sorry, strong
i didn’t mean you to take it wrong
all your luck just take a gong
give no fuck just make a song
i keep raping on an on
like’a heartbeat i go all daylong…
an on to my bars, that i just keep spitting
an on to my stars, that i just keep winning
raise my hand, i’m up there
blaze my band, i’m up blare
my raps louder without’a care
one gunshot you out with’a scare
music is true, be a billionaire
multi maid multimillionaire
i advise you to pay attention
try to use some comprehension
i’ll put your shit in detention
matter what i blew
matter what i view
matter what i chew
matter what i grew
know i’m never through
know i’ve never flew
unless i felt i need to
cause that’s just what i do