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grind time now – rone vs. eleagle lyrics


[round 1: rone]
yo, when i first heard i was battling eleage i said “i’ll shit on him”
cause i got a buffet of ways that i can get at him
see i could easily get on some midget shit and start ripping him
but what could i say really? he has to live with it
so let’s get to rapping, no fucking around
my rhymes are top shelf…something you know nothing about
unless you had a stepping stool
see i seen the pictures you lame b-tch
looking like ricky ricardo, but he couldn’t explain this
when i seen him, that shit went off
like nightly he picks a thong, puts some glitter on
goes to whatever g-y’s call titty bars
and does a special rendition of the whisper song
yo, twenty dollars says he chokes and begs for the heimlich
just as a ploy so guys get behind him
but listen, random f-g jokes leave the realm of funny and drift into disgusting
when you realize he looks at guys and actually thinks about fucking
how could you convince me you’re straight, you couldn’t do nothing
i could walk in on you and a hot b-tch humping
i’d still think you were fronting, say you were bluffing
like she did it for money or was a stuffed dummy or something
and if he uses g-y jokes
well now we know why he writes them so well
cause he just lists things he doesn’t like about himself

[round 2: rone]
well now i’m soaked and i can’t understand what he’s spitting about
the only thing i got from that last round is that his tongue is too big for his mouth
yo, fuck this cat he sucks at rap, i’ll pop him like bubble wrap
he could probably fill a bubble bath
by standing over a tub and saying, “suffering succotash”
i’ve heard of swagger jacking but d-mn it son from daffy duck
and on hot summer days when the fire hydrant’s not flowing
luck for us have eleage the poet
and for every stanza he speaks
little kids run under the stream and start dancing in the streets
just kidding you suck!
seriously you’re a horrible speaker
now apologize to new orleans for running your mouth and causing hurricane katrina
you said your strengths are punchlines and vocab
well boy you’re toast cause my punches hit harder and they’re more verbose
so you saying shit about ripping this roney kid apart
cause be considered little less than an erroneous remark
and i get better everyday so don’t wall in sorrow b-tch
just be happy you didn’t catch me tomorrow

[round 3: rone]
listen, i use g-y jokes not cause i can’t conjure witty shit to say
but before i even seen the pics i literally did think that shit g-y
like really really really g-y as shit
and what’s worse is you won’t claim the shit, you’re faking it
you’re not the type i be patient with
so i fillet this b-tch to bacon bits
looking like the grown up son of jason kidd
fucking mustachioed, four and half year old
not to brag or boast
well…to both brag and boast i got style to smash your dome
crack your skull, smack your bones like a pistachio
’til this b-st-rd’s home is in catacombs
stop it!
see, eleagle…might be something this fake b-tch tries to be
and that name might make him a tight mc if you were going for irony
eleagle please don’t fucking lie to me
eleagle? i don’t know, you seem pretty lawful
and after you take the l, you’ll just be awful
b-tch in fucking disguise, never broke a law once in his life
except for sodomy and child pornography
see at ah, neverland ranch you were the number one poser
say you’re straight, i’ll call you the world’s number one poser
i’m the dopest, see me posing for a #1 poster
eleagle, well hombre, i’m the world’s number one poacher