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owen – poison arrows lyrics


long time no see
did you wear that dress for me or is someone else writing you songs?
i need a drink and i need you to see me like you used to
like before i introduced you to my shadows

how ’bout a round of poison arrows?
the first one burns but then you’ll feel good

i see your faults and i raise you mine
i see it’s too late to apologize
i see all my friends are long gone
was it me? or something i said?
an uninteresting drug with uninteresting side-effects?

i blame these poison arrows
a better man would have walked away by now

sometimes at night, in my mind, i go to the wrong side of town
i don’t know what that means but i’m sure of one thing
that which doesn’t k!ll me makes me wish that i were dead

godd-mn these poison arrows
would you like to…oh, never mind

last call for poison arrows
i know, i don’t have to stay here, but i can’t go home