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peezy – murder 4 hire lyrics


it’s like a jungle sometimes
done make me wonder how i keep from goin’ under
got me ridin’ with that thumper
police hit the crib, flush it down the toilet like a plumber
i ain’t stressin’ ’bout this rap sh+t for real, i do numbers
long live my n+gga iz, he ain’t make it through the summer
thinkin’ ’bout my n+gga kids ’cause the holidays comin’
know we standin’ on that biz, we ain’t gotta say nothin’
make ’em feel it in they ribs, they can’t stand how we comin’, n+gga
take somethin’, you don’t bring it back, then we gon’ come and get it
bad batch, it ain’t jumpin’ back, i told ’em come and gеt it
i’m a gangster if i’m by myself or with a hundred n+ggas
told shorty, “you can’t hit my pop ‘causе it got somethin’ in it”
yeah, boyz in the hood, i’m a f+ckin’ menace
we was stealin’ out the store and then we turned to k!llers
he shot my brother in the back, we catch his ass, he finished
turn your punk ass over, fah+fah, n+gga
family over everything, bread over sucker sh+t
all these blue hundreds on me, b+tches think my number hit
baby say i’m losin’ weight, i took it as a compliment
louis v jacket blue and gray, it cost a pint of trish
put the whole city on, that’s somethin’ they won’t admit
turned cameramans into bosses, made n+ggas rich
went and pulled n+ggas out the mud, help ’em make m’s
reason i got all these awards ’cause i take risks
i’m in the higher+ups
he ain’t really that, they got him fired up
leave your head flat, don’t get your tire bust
murder for hire, he violate, gotta write him up
you cut the head off the snake, then the body done