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van buren records – get money bitch lyrics


[verse 1: luke bar$]
get that bag, n+gga
roll that n+gga up, turn him into ash, n+gga
what you mean my team ain’t lit? ho, we passing on you
and my b+tch got ysl, this ain’t no fashion nova
we just went and upped the price, go get an extra lawyer
and my young gun, he go dumb dumb, call him stupid head
if i wasn’t rappin’, b+tch, i’m still the money man
i get bags for real, yeah, ho, let’s talk for real, ayy
soley on my body and they think this rick for real, ayy
i got drip for sale, she give me brain like she from yale, ayy
i just called khaleel, he talkin’ money sh+t for real, let’s get it
made some bands from off some sweaters, i feel like i’m virgil, n+gga
took my swag, reimburse me, n+gga
yeah, for real
[chorus: luke bar$]
f+ck b+tches, get money
f+ck b+tches, get money
f+ck b+tches, get money
f+ck b+tches

[verse 2: jiles]
i’m a real n+gga (facts), the f+ck is you talking ’bout?
trappin’ too dangerous, n+ggas went scamming route
i don’t understand, i can’t find the words
i’m just tryna figure out
how you so gangster, sit on the ‘net and putting our business out?
you n+ggas is p+ssy (you n+ggas is p+ssy)
i’ma buy rollies for the whole gang with this rap check
in the hood, you in debt
i’m in the hood, i’m in the projects
i’m mud walking in saks fifth
you wildin’ out, you a crash test
fresh hundreds my new scent, uh
i wake up with no plans
her b+tton+down is dries van
she so loyal, i’m a big fan
i’ma blow a bag and run it back
i’ma hit it twice and double back
i’m an ignant n+gga, i’m countin’ racks
[interlude: ricky felix]

[verse 3: ricky felix]
i just grabbed a bag, n+gga, ain’t this what we asked for?
bodies on the floor, put that ass up on that asphalt
godsend, i ain’t ask for it
new bimmer, got the cash for it
tinder b+tch, had to match for it
hundred more, then i fast forward
shout out to my lil’ baby sue, that be my rib
kappa sandals, chains on, walking ’round my crib
i don’t say a word, now she thinkin’ i’m an assh0l+
texas got me active, n+gga, now it’s time to take over
new sounds, got the beats colder
these the games that we play, n+gga, like it’s daytona
four+five to your head and shoulders
leave you dead, on the dead homies
i watch my back now ’cause these fed n+ggas tryna take over
don, b+tch, i don’t take orders
van buren, that’s the gang, homie

[verse 4: invada]
b+tches like playing games with my name like this sh+t ain’t written in stone
she tryna say i’m a dog n+gga, well then, b+tch, just come throw me a bone
if you ain’t talking ’bout money, that sh+t do not matter, just leave me alone
n+ggas be broker then broke, they f+cked up as sh+t, they need them a loan
and i just took a lil’ trip out to la just to go to malibu, cop me some chrome
i keep a blade, but keep f+cking with me, i’ll set up a sniper to aim at your dome
i just be quarterbacking h+lla plays and pass to my dog like he julio jones
i’m tryna cop me an ap skelly off droppin’ some sh+t that’s gon’ shake up they bones (facts)
shake up the house, f+ckin’ his spouse
wiggle my d+ck when it’s up in her mouth
i feel like ye back in 2013
went to the hamptons and came on her blouse
i seen the n+ggas that’s up on the scene
wasn’t impressed, so i let myself out
n+ggas don’t even be fly or worried ’bout money
they just tryna get ’em some clout
i can’t relate, i was born with some drive
i came out the womb and i asked for a bimmer
if you gon’ f+ck with me, gotta be hundred percent
i ain’t rockin’ with no in+betweeners
you better not lose you no money ’round me
i’m gon’ step on that sh+t and act like i ain’t see it (what money?)
i know you like to just talk about it
but you know i know that you ain’t never gon’ be it (b+tch)
[chorus: luke bar$]
f+ck b+tches, get money
f+ck b+tches, get money
f+ck b+tches, get money