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rardy – being young lyrics


i know you don’t get it
cause it’s for your girl, n-gga
lets go

[verse 1]
put that mother f-ckin guard down, girl
don’t regret being young (don’t do it)
jealous b-tches love talking sh-t, girl
don’t forget why they come (don’t do it)
balenciaga with them red bottoms
got me thinkin’ you the one (i see you flexing)
lace vicki secrets rocking stiletto jimmy choo’s
how you get a n-gga sprung, gurl (girl)
all them curves for a body (body)
have mercy swear to god you a goddess (goddess)
shake that -ss girl i know you know you know you got it (come on)
that’s why i gotta break you off girl you the hottest

all this money that i spend (money that i spend)
i’m just living in the moment (living in the moment)
all these women that i f-ck (women that i f-ck)
i’m just living in the moment (living in the moment)
might not get to see tomorrow (get to see tomorrow)
i’m just living in the moment (living in the moment)
so don’t you ever get it f-cked up, asking why i do what i do
you should try it too, b-tch i’m just living in the moment (moment)
i’m just living in the moment (moment), turnt up to the max
i’m just living for the moment (moment), i’m just living for the moment (moment)
please don’t take pictures, just join me for the moment (moment)
ya body bad girl flaunt it (flaunt it), let a n-gga get up on it (come on)
don’t be shy i know you want it (want it), live life in the moment (moment)
that’s how you do it baby own it, own it

[verse 2]
get off that got d-mn iphone
this ain’t no ig song, n-gga (no it’s not)
all them camera phone light shows
you taking pictures you ain’t living, n-gga (no ya not)
raise your gl-ss to the sky
release your insecurities for a minute (minute)
never know where the night lead
i hope i see you when it’s finish (finish)
learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow live for today
so i’ma push it to the limit (rrrrr)
i play the game like old head
run lap round you new n-ggas, sonic 2 sega genes


[verse 3]
mr. hbo
lets go
look who you know spend money like he hate it
show up to your house, fifth of goose, tryna get you faded
random facts out his -ss, with a baggy full of gr-ss
talking sh-t about mayweather, saying he prolly whip his -ss?
rardy, that’s just who i be
you know i won’t change like lebron to the heat
keep going for my team baby shout out to the geeks
we be them eastside players that you dying to meet
look, everyday i wake up, money gotta cake up
need a new whip, new house, need a jacob
shooting for the stars, knock it down like a face up
kidnap the judge, hold him hostage til’ the case up
life is such a shake up, that’s why i keep my ace up
living on the wild side cause sticking to the basics
ball til’ i fall like a fetus in a b-tch gut
b-tch you looking at the one, i’m feeling neo in the matrix
rim rock ya sh-t, shaq on the p-ss from kobe
how the f-ck i’m not next, i was trained by obi-ken0bi
your girl is on my slater, i let her ride me like yoshi
saved by the bell, chillin’ bayside with kelly kapowski
you know me, same dude mostly
grew my hair out, no longer rocking the goatee
rocked a few shows my favorite had to be berkley
in the bay they get it crackin’ like summertime in the oc
should i proceed with my head up like a nose bleed
laughing at the haters who said the northwest was so weak
now you get a rain city rep, better use caution
rardy be flossin’, macklemore world tour froshmen
sh-t gets official when it comes to the town
man you was who you was fo’ you got here clown
only god ca’ judge me, so i’m gone
either love me or leave me alone, na sing my d-mn song