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t i – like so lyrics


ay suckas hate to see me get it like so, so
b-tches say they dig the way i kick it like so, so
filthy rich and still i keep it pimpin like so
still the realest n-gg- in it with a image like so, so
shawty there might pull up in her ride like so, so
with a bad b-tch with him inside like so, like so
super fly like so, n-gg-z lyin like “so?”
still spit it how i live it, wanna hear it? here i go, go

hey all i do is go and go by this and that to so-and-so
lil’ peewee say “they hate to see ya ballin bro,” you know i know
so what though? they can’t stop it, they just watch it as this dough i blow
with millions in my pocket, shut it down in every sto’ i go
atlanta on my shoulders, oh i told it like a soldier though
suckas i expose or minimize in exposure so
they tryin to make me kill ’em, i’m controllin my emotions though
why you n-gg-z lookin so surprised? ain’t i supposed to blow?
from trappin to the club scene, rappin to the big screen
fashion, television, listen shawty doin big things
get team money, f-ck a b-tch if she ain’t c-mmin/comin
so conceited ain’t funny, if she ain’t fly well she ain’t for me
pretty face, fat booty with a magazine stomach
catch me somewhere where it’s sunny, it ain’t us if we ain’t stuntin
say we runnin we ain’t frontin, they be trippin, ain’t nuttin
if they kick it we be puntin, man i’m tryna teach ya somethin man


is there a message from the greatest? yeah, go get yourself some paper playa
try to do as i do god but i am just a patron fare[?]
it could be that my greasy yellow deuces make ’em hate me where
they try me bruh, they get tore up just like drake did his acl
respect the foreign and domestic in the a as well
feel like ‘pac did when he said y’all act like y’all want me to stay in jail
i’m raisin h-ll today cause yeah i heard about you suckas
use my absence as a crutch, so f-ckin -ss time to suffer
rappers keep on tryin to +ketchup+ but they just can’t cut the mustard, huh?
i’m well here, i’m stayin here, so f-ck if they say such-and-such
you keep the credit, what i need a trophy and a statue for?
millions stackin up and i don’t give a f-ck what awards show p-ss me up
my movie agent brian always ask me what i’m rappin for
it’s p-ssion, i wouldn’t trade it for all the diamonds out in africa
sahara hot, everything you drop is comin after us
my character is rare and for that reason they be starin, huh?