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tha winna – induco ii ignorance lyrics


if i die
before i wake
may i die dreamin
sleep in a nation of ungrateful kids
with barely anything to live for
treat me like i got barely anything to spit for
man i’m n0body important to a kid
like you hu?

that’s where the evils of society come into play
blast the radio all night but can’t give us the time of day

what to say
when to say

so put me on your pedestal
and put all the pressures of your life on my shoulders
hearts cold out i could care less or feel less im n0body important sort of
they caught up in the life of lies bras money and ice
i’m lookin through life through broken gl-sses
my feelings have been hurt
and she broke my heart backwards
still i’m n0body important to someone like you
to a girl like you
forget it i live
right through
lookin at my life
as i know it