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troy nottingham – cutter lyrics


[verse 1: troy nottingham]
i went for a walk for a while
fireworks in the water
all my thoughts getting wilder
k!lling kids k!lling friends
k!lling kings till the end
maybe stare for a second
in your eyes
maybe try to remember
all regrets you repent
maybe prove your suspicions
bout things they don’t get
deep down you wish it was fair
every time you asking me
to handle it

[chorus: troy nottingham]
i’m motivated
feel amazing
i’m meditating
i’m good
i’m good
i’m good

[bridge: troy nottingham]

touch the sky
that i drew
by the tip
of your hand
for a very short time

overmuch that time finding
something new
while my ship
gonna land
somewhere it would take start

to the place
i collapse
and fall asleep
and i would never wake up
never wake up

[verse 2: troy nottingham]

on a 1+2+3+4+5
born be rejected
i’m feel amazing
i’m devastating
i hate myself for being that ugly kid
who accepted every word and
who accepted every punch
i was used to listen my mom
and do every f+cking sh+t that she asked me to do

i suffered a lot for my short life
orthodoxy would make me
their best adherent since
christ was brutally died
i don’t really care bout this ugly f+ck
thank god
i take personalities
to make my own personality
who the f+ck is this freak going to be
answer me
let me do this

paradoxical sentimentally pervert
thinks that
he’s gonna change the world
but his mom thinks differently not this way
of scenery
his father wants him on the f+cking job
with a stable salary
he knows that i’m not gonna left the family
i used to give a f+ck bout being public enemy
so when i’ll k!ll myself apparently
i wanna see the grave
the best wishes and good memory
not to me and never ever be