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yso blank – vodka blue lyrics


i, i, i, i
i, i, i, yeah

come and let me stay
why? maybe time won’t wait for you
and i’ve been moving lately, hate me
why’d you wanna you stay away?

[verse 1]
but all my features and my
body rhythm slowly moving on
thank you for that [wanting?]
when i’m screaming and alone
showed you what i could do
all i do is sing a song with you
all i want is stay true
make you break, move on
never been the same too, waste two
i’ve been on my features coming up

so just show me all your love now
yeah, just show me all your love now
i’m moving tears, i’m trying to cry right now
but it ain’t work out

so let me just
let me be the sin to waste you
time is moving on, but i’m passing
feeling grеater when i came to makе do

[verse 2]
re+up on the same sh+t
might be on my way, go on
i sound a different way, go on
i might be moving late, go on
and i be calling friends up
staring at a picture, you don’t know
why i be wasting time
spending all my days just lying
all my friends got depression
that sh+t be f+cking with me
all my friends got expressions
i know you change em for me
why don’t you make do? stay true?
lying to my face, i hope you hate you too
i’ve been feeling pain, you too?
i’ve been feeling tints

so i know that you came to make do
time is moving bad but i’m not staying true
no way you stay true
time is moving closer and i hate you