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zachase – damn lyrics


when i see a nice broad, d-mn
-ss all juicy, ham
seeing all the sl-ts, ma’am
yeah i have some c0ke, a gram
everybody going nuts, bonkers
on dat tyler the creator flow, yonkers
chillin by the fire with sophie
we are wearing similar shirts, dub v
it is so f-cking dark
these girls want to lose their hair, gnark
dat gurl christina from indy
the other day it was really windy
them california girls sweet as a cherry
anna once kissed a girl, katy perry
meghan running, usain bolt
adam catching everything, tory holt
bombs dropped by tibs, jews
hoes sucking him off, knee bruise
tom spitting lines with anna, cruise
i make b-tches come in not ones but twos
never let my hoes on the loose
chives love a nice plump duece